Apprentice viewers fuming as candidate fired despite record-breaking sales

Iasha Masood's team set an Apprentice record earlier in the competition.

The Apprentice viewers were outraged as Iasha Masood was fired just weeks after making a record-breaking £1.2 million profit in a task.

The candidate was kicked out of the boardroom during Wednesday’s episode of the BBC show.

She was cut after a theme park challenge, in which the contestants had to design a ride for Thorpe Park.

Masood fell foul of Lord Sugar after fellow candidate Lottie Lion suggested she had not done much in the task.

The businessman decided it was a case of “too little too late” and sent Masood packing, but fans were fuming.

Many pointed out that it came just weeks after her team made a huge profit – setting an Apprentice record – when they invented a commuter bike.

“Did everyone just forget that Aisha was the one that got the record breaking £1.2 million??” asked one person on Twitter.

“1.2 MILLION from Aisha. First ever in the apprentice. What has Lottie done?? Answers please,” said another.

“The disrespect #Aisha got on this show is mad, she was the one that got the record breaking million pounds in sales,” said another displeased viewer.

One baffled fan asked: “I am so confused again. Aisha got the £1 MILLION+ deal as the PROJECT MANAGER and her pitch literally saved the TOY task!

“How could nobody remember that? How did Aisha not speak up for herself? Those are 2 BIG wins. How did no-one remember??????”

Another person posted: “That was unfair firing, Iasha should have had a reprieve for the record million pound sales she oversaw alone, that Dean bloke I’ve no idea what he’s done in the last 6 odd weeks.”

The Apprentice continues on BBC One.

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