Shirley Ballas opens up about boyfriend Danny Taylor

The Strictly Come Dancing judge spoke to Hello magazine.
The Strictly Come Dancing judge spoke to Hello magazine.

Shirley Ballas has said her partner Danny Taylor is “the one”.

The Strictly Come Dancing judge shared her admiration for the actor and producer, and said she has met his parents.

Ballas revealed she is much happier in the UK following her time in Los Angeles, where she lacked friends.

The judge said she is delighted to have a new boyfriend and a more settled life in England.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, she said of her partner: “I love that man. I just want to sit there all day and stare at him. He is the one.

“We have a lot in common and we laugh all the time. He is part of the reason why I readjusted my life.

“Danny is just so magnificently special. I have met his parents and everybody likes each other.”

Ballas, who resided in LA, made the decision to return to England to pursue her role on Strictly.

She said she has enjoyed the stability and company of life back in Britain.

Ballas said: “I didn’t overly have friends in LA. I would work and come home and watch television.

“I don’t think I have watched television since I have come back. I have got a new man and Strictly and my mother.

“I think I am going to be much happier here.”

The full interview can be read in Hello! magazine, out now.