Jonathan Pie creator: Boris Johnson is pretending to be a statesman

Tom Walker said politicians can be better at playing a role than comics.

The creator of fictitious news reporter Jonathan Pie has said Boris Johnson is “pretending to be a statesman” and can be better at playing a character than a comedian such as himself.

Tom Walker, who rose to fame giving passionate rants on current affairs as Pie on social media, said the favourite in the race to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May is acting.

“He is the prime minister in waiting and he’s acting like it – he’s pretending to be a statesman right now,” Walker told the Press Association.

“I find it bizarre that all these Tories are wandering around going ‘yay he hasn’t accidentally been casually racist yet, he’s definitely fit for high office because he hasn’t been casually racist for the past couple of months’.”

Tom Walker
Tom Walker, who plays Jonathan Pie (Kai Duan/PA)

Walker, who begins a UK tour of his live show in the autumn, said politicians can be better at playing a role than comics, adding “they have to in a way”.

“What they said two or three years ago comes under scrutiny – and so it should, they should be held to a higher standard than comedians,” he said.

Walker also criticised the character he believes is being played by Jeremy Hunt, the only other remaining Tory leadership hopeful after Michael Gove was knocked out of the race on Thursday evening.

“Hunt is pretending to be a decent statesman by boasting about being a millionaire,” he said. “That’s how out of touch he is.”

Tory leadership race
Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt (Victoria Jones/PA)

Walker described the remaining Tory leadership hopefuls as some of “the most awful men on the planet really”, stating: “Whatever happens, it’s not going to be pretty.”

Walker has been vocal in his support of fellow comedian Jo Brand since she was reported to police for joking about throwing battery acid at politicians.

“Boris Johnson coming out with a joke about Muslim women is different to if Jo Brand were to come out with a similar joke,” he said.

“Jo Brand’s career was on the line there for a day or two, because she did her job which is tell jokes in the manner she has been telling jokes for decades.

“Context and intent behind a joke doesn’t matter any more.

“If your sensibilities are offended by a joke then the police will investigate you – that’s some dangerous ground.”

Nigel Farage and Jo Brand dispute
Jo Brand will face no police action over a joke about throwing battery acid over politicians (Rick Findler/PA)

Walker said he is “always getting messages” calling for Pie to be elected prime minister in the wake of his satirical speeches, which receive millions of views on Facebook and YouTube.

“Pie for PM – well he’s not real and you really don’t want him running the country,” said Walker.

According to Walker the election of celebrities to political roles shows “how little faith” people have in western democracy, which he thinks faces an “existential crisis”.

“Let’s be honest Kim Kardashian will be running for president in the next decade,” he said. “You can see it, she’s doing her law degree.”

Tom Walker will be touring as Jonathan Pie in The Fake News Tour, from October 4 to December 1 2019. Tickets are available at www.jonathanpie.com

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