CBB viewers brand Natalie ‘petty' over Hardeep rant

The US reality star could not stop finding fault with Hardeep in the latest episode of the Channel 5 show.

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have turned on Natalie Nunn after she attacked Hardeep Singh Kohli over his snoring and cooking.

The US housemate was seething about the noise the presenter made overnight and wasted no time telling him when he woke up, claiming he was making such a racket she was worried someone had put a pillow over his head.

Nunn also told Singh Kohli she would pray for him that he would someday meet a woman who could put up with his snoring.

Later in Monday night’s instalment, Nunn expressed her frustration that the TV star was doing so much of the cooking.

As the group discussed the shopping budget, she snapped that she did not want Singh Kohli to cook anything else for her.

Her comments did not go down well with viewers of the Channel 5 show, who said she was “petty” and claimed she was picking on Singh Kohli.

“Geez can Natalie be anymore of a bully,” said one person on Twitter. “I really dislike this girl I didn’t like her much before tonight, now I like her even less Please God she’s up for eviction Friday There is no need for her to embarrass Hardeep like that.”

“I cannot listen to Natalie anymore I keep hitting mute when I see her face,” said another.

One person tweeted: “Wow imagine just waking up and being shamed for your sleeping habits. Has Hardeep personally offended Natalie or something as it’s looking like she’s bullying him. Picking on him for just living.”

Another person said: “Natalie has it in for hardeep. Looking for an argument and to wind him up.”

“Feel kinda sorry for Hardeep, Natalie needs to calm down as she’s picking on him about everything!” said another fan.

Another wrote: “How petty is Natalie being. Yeah she’s having her own opinion but she’s just childish.”

However, Singh Kohli may get the last laugh, as the final minutes of the episode showed some of the housemates struggling to sleep while Nunn snored herself.

“Hope everyone prays for Natalie that she finds someone to love her with that snoring infliction #Hypocrite **big evil laugh,” tweeted one viewer.

Elsewhere in the episode, US actress Kirstie Alley regaled the group with stories about her famous friends and Nick Leeson opened up about trying to flee the law following his bank scandal in the Nineties.

The 51-year-old fled Singapore in 1995 after causing Barings Bank to suffer massive losses, and told the housemates it was “bonkers”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.

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