CBB viewers uncomfortable as Rodrigo tries to see Ben in the bath

Rodrigo was previously given a formal warning for using racist language.
Rodrigo was previously given a formal warning for using racist language.

Celebrity Big Brother viewers said they felt uncomfortable as Rodrigo Alves tried to get a look at fellow housemate Ben Jardine naked in the bath.

Alves walked over as Jardine was relaxing in the tub during Sunday night’s show and jokingly asked for a peek at his privates.

Jardine had already revealed he was bathing naked, climbing in while fellow housemate Sally Morgan held up a towel to protect his modesty.

He laughed off Alves’ teasing – and cheekily pinched his bottom – but viewers thought the Brazilian TV personality had gone too far.

Some even suggested it could be time for Alves, who has already had to be reprimanded for using racist language on the programme, to go.

“Anyone else getting weirded out by Rodrigo invading Ben J in the bath or is it just me?” one person posted on Twitter.

“This bath part with Ben and rodrigo is excruciating,” tweeted another.

Another viewer said: “Day 3. Rodrigo makes my skin crawl the more and more I watch him.

“Twice for being racist. Then asking to see Ben’s willy in the bath was cringey.

“If this wasn’t “celebrity” big brother and it was standard, he would have been booted already.”

Another person said: “If that was a woman in the bath and one of the fellas went up and said ‘let’s see your…’ and started moving their arm they’d be booted out.

“That #cbbrodrigo is knocking me sick.”

Alves has already had a formal warning for using racist language.

The 35-year-old told former The Only Way Is Essex star Dan Osborne he was not attracted to him as he was “too white”.

Alves added twice that he would prefer a “n***** boy”.

He was then summoned to the Diary Room where he was told his language was “unacceptable” and that if he used it again he would be removed from the house immediately.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.