Celebrities dazzled by Beyonce's ‘masterclass' at Coachella

Beyonce's set included a Destiny's Child reunion.

Beyonce moved some of her fellow celebrities to tears with her dazzling performance at Coachella.

The US singer wowed festival-goers at the California event with a set that included a Destiny’s Child reunion and saw her husband Jay Z and sister Solange join her onstage.

The performance was hailed by fans who nicknamed the event “Beychella”, and was also a hit with stars such as Adele, Sam Smith and Cara Delevingne.

Adele shared videos showing her dancing along to Beyonce in her living room, while Smith posted a message on Twitter saying “Beyoncé at coachella looks out of this world”.

He also wrote on Instagram Story: “That @beyonce Coachella performance was hands down one of the greatest performances I have ever seen!!

“Literally screaming at my phone.

“I hope everyone had the best night at Coachella.”

Iggy Azalea said: “I don’t think I’ll ever see a better show then the one I just watched Beyonce perform tonight.

“I am shaken to my bones.”

Model Delevingne tweeted: “I am speechless.

“That performance made me burst into tears and sent shivers down my spine. Especially the Destiny’s child reunion.

“ICONIC is an understatement. Thank you for inspiring so many and for lifting each other up.”

Singer Adam Lambert posted: “Fuuuuuuuuh…. @Beyonce KILT IT. I wasn’t even there… the Coachella YouTube live was madness.

“She makes one want to just forget everything they knew about live performance, sit down, and take notes…. and weep openly.”

He went on : “…….but your hand is trembling and u can’t type… so then u giggle thru the tears and start doing a lot of smile-sighs like when you’re Peaking…. aaaaand then.”

He continued: “Not only that, but it was a masterclass in musical arrangement – the references weaved in, the nods, the BAND/Drumline …. @Beyonce …. the hair, the face, the styling those BOOTS. I can’t.”

Actress Elizabeth Banks said she was “shook” by the performance.

She tweeted: “It’s 3:47 am on the east coast and I am devouring #Beychella on livestream because I bow down.”

“OMG 3:49 am #Beychella DESTINY’S CHILD #shook #Coachella18,” she added.

Chance The Rapper said it was “the greatest show to ever happen”.

Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles said she enjoyed seeing the star and her sister Solange on stage together.

“I love watching Solange dance like she did last night. i felt like i was back at Ms. Darlette’s Dance Academy in Houston and those little Knowles Girls were dancing twice as hard as everyone else,” she said on Instagram.

She said of the Destiny’s Child reunion: “I simply couldn’t stop smiling and then it made me cry to see them all together again it was a beautiful magical moment in time.”

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