Marilyn Manson in hospital after huge prop guns fall on him on stage

The accident happened after he appeared to attempt to climb a scaffold.

Marilyn Manson is being treated in hospital after shocked fans witnessed two giant prop guns fall on the US singer while performing on stage.

The heavy metal star, 48, was singing in front of a crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

He was performing a cover of the Eurythmics’ track Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) when he appeared to attempt to climb a scaffold, which held up the gun props.

Footage on social media shows the scaffold wobbling before Manson falls backwards, with the props on top of him.

Figures can be seen lifting the prop from over him.

But music kept playing for several moments as the incident unfolded.

Lights later went off and an announcer told fans that the show was over “due to injury”.

Eyewitness Anthony Biscardi told the BBC that fans at the concert “instantly freaked out”.

“He was performing the song Sweet Dreams. Towards the middle of the song it seemed as though he tried climbing on to a prop,” he said.

“The first touch of weight on those poles and it came crashing down on to him.”

He added: “He was pretty limp, almost as though he was unconscious.”

Variety quoted a statement from the singer’s representative, saying: “Manson suffered an injury towards the end of an incredible NYC show. He is being treated at a local hospital.”

A source close to the situation told the website that the singer “should be fine”.

The star, real name Brian Warner, is famous for his shocking stage persona and stage stunts.

He hit controversy when he released the album Antichrist Superstar and later said his career was “destroyed” by accusations his music influenced the Columbine school shooters.

It is not yet known whether any of Manson’s tour dates will be postponed due to the injury.

He was due to perform in the US and Europe with dates in the UK scheduled for December.

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