The ‘Fielding fondle’ a higher prize than the ‘Hollywood handshake’ – GBBO fans

The presenter offered a consolation prize to poor Liam.
The presenter offered a consolation prize to poor Liam.

The Great British Bake Off fans are clamouring for a “Fielding fondle” after the show’s quirky presenter offered an alternative to the famous “Hollywood handshake”.

Noel Fielding volunteered his own mark of approval when some bakers failed to merit judge Paul Hollywood’s famous gesture with their signature steamed puddings.

Tuesday night’s episode of the Channel 4 contest saw Hollywood give out three handshakes for the bakers who most impressed him with their ode to the school dinner classic but teenager Liam was disappointed when his Bakewell tart-inspired offering failed to take the biscuit.

When Fielding offered the glum student a “Fielding fondle” instead, viewers at home took to Twitter to get in line.

“Hands up who wants a Fielding fondle,” posted Elaine Burgoyne while Hollie Trigg said: “I’d take a Fielding Fondle any day.”

Sarah Faraway joked: “I’d love a Fielding fondle … I’m about the 1000th person to say that aren’t I?!?”

The remaining bakers were also challenged to present six molten chocolate puddings with peanut butter centres and a show-stopping “ornamental” trifle terrine.