George RR Martin teases GOT fans eagerly awaiting sixth novel

The writer joked that even staff at his publisher's office no longer recognise him.

Writer George RR Martin has teased Game Of Thrones fans by joking that he has not penned a sequel in so long that even the staff at his publisher’s office no longer recognise him.

The 68-year-old American author has been holding back the release of the sixth issue, The Winds Of Winter, for some time and it has now been six years since his last Game Of Thrones novel, A Dance With Dragons.

He tweeted on Friday: “I am in New York City, and everywhere I go people know me, stop me on the street, ask for selfies.

“The only place I was not recognized was my publisher’s offices, where the security guards stopped me and demanded to see my ID.”

The joke was not lost on Game Of Thrones fans, who latched on to his tongue-in-cheek update with fresh pleas for the book to be released.

One replied: “He’s prolly just not sure you still work there considering how many years behind on that big project of yours you are #ReleaseTheBook.”

Another added: “They have forgotten about you. Totally legit,” while one commented: “Perhaps if they saw you more often when, say, dropping of the manuscript for the next book? Please?!”

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