Wonder Woman director imagines what a world run by women would really be like

Patty says a world of women would have “no phallic structures”.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has shared her plans to build a world run by women…in real life.

According to Associated Press, Patty says the aim of the film is to build a world of women both on screen and off – and she expressly says that such a place would have “no phallic structures.”

But whether her dream planet comes to fruition or not, her title as the first woman to lead a major superhero movie marks a big step for women in filmmaking.

Gal Gadot takes the lead in the big screen adaptation based on the popular DC Comics saga about Amazonian princess and trained warrior, Diana.

Patty helped develop the look of the film’s Amazon island – Wonder Woman’s first home – and hired around 120 actresses and stuntwomen to populate it.

The film, also starring Robin Wright and David Thewlis, has already received rave reviews, including a 96% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

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