Hollywood stars have 'lost their minds' over Donald Trump criticism, says celebrity supporter

Actor Dean Cain defended Trump as Kevin Bacon and Transparent creator Jill Soloway criticised the president's time in office.

Hollywood stars have “lost their minds” over their stinging criticism of Donald Trump during his first 100 days as president, according to one of his celebrity supporters.

Former Superman actor Dean Cain and Oscar-winner Jon Voight praised the president for his work since taking over at the White House on January 20.

A host of celebrities have criticised Trump’s controversial remarks and policies, with Meryl Streep famously launching a blistering verbal attack at the Golden Globes.

Actor Kevin Bacon is the latest star to take aim at the president, branding his time in office “horrible”, while Jill Soloway, the Emmy-winning creator of Transparent, called Trump “a monster”.

Dean Cain
Dean Cain (Ian West/PA)

Cain, who starred in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, told the Press Association: “People have kind of lost their minds, especially in this Hollywood community as of late.”

He added: “I’m a big fan of most of President Trump’s policies. I think he’s doing a heck of a job.

“He’s had some gaffes and there always will be mistakes made, but I’m excited.

“I support our president. I didn’t vote for the last president but I supported him as well when he was in office.”

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon (Willy Sanjuan/AP)

Bacon, the star of films such as Footloose and Apollo 13, said there was “nothing” about Trump’s policies he agreed with.

“I believe climate change is real,” he told the Press Association.

“I support the rights of all people – women, LGBTQ, civil rights.

“I believe in responsible gun laws, a woman’s right to choose. I mean, on and on and on.

Donald Trump
Kevin Bacon described President Trump’s time in office as “horrible”(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

“How are you supposed to say it’s OK when the entire majority of the Senate, majority of the House and the office of the presidency is controlled by people who fundamentally believe different things that I believe?

“I think it sucks.”

Asked how he would assess Trump’s time in office, Bacon replied: “Horrible.”

Soloway, who created Amazon TV series Transparent starring Jeffrey Tambor, compared Trump to Adolf Hitler at last year’s Emmy Awards.

Jill Soloway
Jill Soloway (Willy Sanjuan/AP)

Reflecting on his first 100 days as president, she told the Press Association: “He’s a monster. We know that.

“It’s awful, every day, to live with the fact that this man is in office, this man who feels this way about women.

“The owner of a beauty pageant is our president.

“Now it’s kind of nice to have a common enemy. I actually see a lot of people on the left, a lot of people who believe in justice, a lot of people who believe in revolution, coming together to figure it out.

Donald Trump
Jill Soloway branded President Trump ‘a monster’ (Paco Anselmi/PA)

“I think it’s just going to take a minute to figure out how to change this.”

But Voight, who was a vocal supporter of Trump before his election win, described the tycoon as the hardest working president “in my memory”.

“The left is trying to unseat him. That’s their agenda unfortunately,” he said.

Jon Voight
Jon Voight (Julien Behal/PA)

“They’re trying to make it a failed presidency but he’s terrific.

“He never loses his good spirits and he’s got tremendous strength. That’s some metabolism.

“I don’t know how he does it. He always stays balanced, of good cheer, and he works harder than any president in my memory.

“He’s doing good.”

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