Dragons, Pokemon and Star Wars characters adorn UK's pumpkins

Talented pumpkin-carvers have showed off their skills with spiked teeth, skull faces, and intricate designs that take up to six hours to create.

Britons have been carving witches’ cats, fire-breathing dragons and popular Star Wars characters into their pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.

The country’s artistic talent has been on display as many have taken to social media to show off their spooky designs ahead of Monday.

Children’s book author and illustrator Lydia Monks posted pumpkins carved by her partner, designer and musician Johnny Wood, which feature spiked teeth, skull faces, and exposed brains that Ms Monks said can take three to four hours to create.

Johnny Wood’s pumpkins can take him three to four hours to complete (Lydia Monks/PA)

“He’s getting quicker at it and it helps having the right tools,” Ms Monks, based in Sheffield, told the PA news agency.

“The inspiration comes from looking at what other people have done and trying to emulate them.

“The Americans have pumpkin carving down to a fine art… It’s a very relaxing thing to do. He puts on some spooky Halloween music and carves away for hours.

“It’s stopping him that’s the tricky thing!”

The designs appear spookier at night (Lydia Monks/PA)

Rachel Anderson, 28, told PA it took her around six hours to create an intricate Pokemon-inspired design.

“It was a little tricky,” the QA play tester and freelance illustrator from Middlesbrough said.

“I’d made the design some years ago as an ink drawing and decided to incorporate this into a carving.

“I’m a huge Halloween fan.”

The design and final result for Rachel Anderson’s Pokemon-inspired pumpkin (Rachel Anderson/PA)

Charlotte Gompertz, from Shropshire, created pumpkin versions of Grogu (Baby Yoda) and the title character from Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian was an inspiration for some (Charlotte Gompertz/PA)
The Mandalorian was an inspiration for some (Charlotte Gompertz/PA)

Liam Jones was impressed by his father’s creativity as he tweeted a photo of a giant pumpkin with wide eyes and large teeth seemingly chewing on a smaller, frightened-looking pumpkin.

“My dad’s hidden talent is pumpkin carving,” the younger Mr Jones said about Andrew Jones’ creation.

Liam Jones’ took to Twitter to show his father’s pumpkin-carving creativity (Jude Jones/PA)

The handiwork of Tim Hutchinson, who makes fun designs for his two grandchildren, was shown off by his wife, Ros, on Twitter.

This year, Mr Hutchinson, a retired police officer from Yorkshire, carved a cat and fire-breathing dragon for his granddaughters.

“I think they are wonderful and our grandchildren are very happy with them,” Mrs Hutchinson, a 68-year-old retired social worker, told PA.

“He also knocked up some delicious pumpkin soup from the offcuts.”