Author receives date offers after mum announces ‘he's single' to book conference

Menachem Kaiser's mother Judy told more than 100 viewers ‘the answer many of you may be wondering'.

An author has received date offers after his mother announced “he’s single” to an online conference with a synagogue about his new book.

The cheeky interjection came when Menachem Kaiser was promoting his critically acclaimed new book – Plunder: A Memoir of Family Property and Nazi Treasure.

The 35-year-old was discussing his work with a Zoom call of more than 100 people from Rinat Yisrael, a synagogue in Teaneck, New Jersey, on Monday.

Posting a comment on the call, Mr Kaiser’s mother, Judy, wrote: “I don’t have a question, but I do have the answer to the question that many of you may be wondering about: Yes – he’s single!”

The Jewish writer, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, said the comment was slipped in by his mother amid a number of questions about his book.

“The moderator either did not see it or pretended not to see it… I pretended not to see it,” Mr Kaiser told the PA news agency.

“My mother has been attending many of my Zoom talks and is keen on me finding someone – so she took the opportunity.

“In the Orthodox community, finding someone to date is often a question of networks.”

Mr Kaiser said the moderator has since told him some people got in touch inquiring about dates, and he has received more since a tweet he shared about the experience went viral.

Judy (left) and Menachem (holding the guitar next to his nephew) pictured together at his brother’s wedding (@eighteenpctgrey/Instagram)

However, he said he has not yet had the time to “look into anything” while working on the release of his book.

Mr Kaiser said he “wasn’t at all upset” with Judy’s sly matchmaking, adding it was “embarrassing, but in a cute way”.

Plunder is a non-fiction book about Mr Kaiser’s quest to reclaim his family’s apartment building in Poland – a true story that led him to revelations about Nazi treasure.

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