US police go viral with ‘large boulder the size of a large boulder' warning

San Miguel Sherriff's Office has found viral stardom for a second time with its odd descriptions.

A US police force has found viral stardom after it warned drivers to avoid a road blocked by a “large boulder the size of a large boulder”.

San Miguel Sherriff’s Office shared a photograph of the rocky mass, which had fallen onto highway 145 in Montezuma County, Colorado, on Twitter – where it has received hundreds of thousands of likes.

“A large boulder the size of a large boulder is blocking the southbound lane (highway) 145 in Stoner Creek area of Montezuma County. Expect delays,” the local police force tweeted.


The odd description of the boulder’s size caused amusement and confusion for many users.

“Hmm… this is an official notice? A large bolder the size of a large bolder? What exactly does that mean?” replied @WarlockWoods.

However, this is actually the second time the police force has gone viral for such puzzling wording.

In January 2020 the sheriff’s office warned traffic in Telluride to avoid a road blocked by a “large boulder the size of a small boulder”.

“I think we should be grateful it wasn’t a large boulder the size of a large boulder,” replied US politician Rob Anderson at the time.

Last year’s post appeared to simply be a mistake, but it seems the police force saw the funny side and felt the new lump of stone that appeared on highway 145 was big enough to be deserving of the doubly-large description.

“How long have you been waiting for a boulder to block the road so you could make this joke?” replied Twitter user @WineAboutLaw.

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