Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Cerberus grace the Halloween pumpkins of 2020

How many of these would spook you?

People all over the world have been sharing their best pumpkin efforts for Halloween 2020, with topical satire and artistic genius the order of the day.

But which of these wins your vote for the spookiest pumpkin of the year?

First up, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was a popular theme.

A Boris Johnson themed pumpkin
(Sam Lynam)

And with a little help from some blonde wigs, both he and US president Donald Trump found their likenesses represented by a pair of squashes.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump represented as pumpkins
(Simon, Scott, Fee and Brad from the Kelly family)

Some went for a less politically charged theme, one pumpkin artist deciding to add braces to the impressive gnashers they’d carved.

A pumpkin with braces on its teeth

Meanwhile others used their pumpkins to communicate good news, such as the impending arrival of a new member of the family.

A pregnancy-inspired pumpkin arrangement
(Angelika Zaborowska)

Betsy Vallis (8) and Molly Vallis (5) used twigs and acorns to make these enchanting fairy pumpkin houses, which any fairy would be proud to call home.

Two fairy pumpkin houses
(Shelley Meredith)

Speaking of houses, how about this one made for a pumpkin, from a pumpkin?

A pumpkin living inside another pumpkin
(Grant Lewis/@RiggsLewis)

However, there are some pumpkins best avoided by smaller members of the community.

A pumpkin made to look like it is being eaten by another pumpkin

Meet Murphy, who was on his way to a pumpkin competition when his owner snapped this cute picture of him.

A pumpkin rides in the back seat of a car

From wholesome to wholly terrifying, this Cerberus effort is certainly hardcore.

A pumpkin made in the image of Cerberus the three-headed dog

Just one carving is not enough for some – this artist has been making one a day with craft foam pumpkins.

23 pumpkin carvings made using craft foam pumpkins
(Stephen Barkis)

And last but not least, for the scariest pumpkins the message is one taken from the real world rather than that of the supernatural.

A 2020-themed pumpkin

Absolutely terrifying.

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