Proposal on Brooklyn Bridge interrupted after cyclist crashes into photographer

The photographer had stepped into a cycle lane to try and take better photos.

A romantic proposal on Brooklyn Bridge was interrupted after a cyclist crashed into the photographer.

The proposal was in full swing, with the man down on one knee, when a photographer, Joshua Rosario, jumped into the bike lane so he could take a better picture.

Seconds later a cyclist crashed into him, sending them both flying to the ground.

The cyclist ended up flipping over his front wheel, before picking up his bike and continuing on his way.

The photographer also jumped back up and continued taking pictures.

The man who was proposing, Chris Vigo, refused to let go of his fiancee Angelina Rivera’s hand while checking on both of them.

He told the cyclist: “We got that on video. We are going to edit that out.”

Luckily for Chris, his fiancee ended up accepting his proposal.

Speaking to the PA news agency, Danamaia Martinez, who took the video, said: “During the proposal Josh gets hit by the biker for quickly running into the bike lane to catch a photo.

“We didn’t know whether to laugh or not, but Chris didn’t let go of his wife’s hand, he was going to make sure she was going to say yes.”

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