Girl, nine, delivers letters with chocolate to ‘awesome' emergency services

Eva spent her Saturday afternoon delivering the goodies in Chorley.

A nine-year-old girl spent her Saturday afternoon delivering chocolates to emergency service workers to let them know “you’re awesome”.

Eva, nine, from Chorley, spent the afternoon delivering letters to NHS workers and police officers in the area after watching a YouTube clip showing the more difficult side of the job.

“My daughter was watching a YouTube clip and it was showing the ambulance service and police generally having… the general public misbehaving towards them,” Eva’s father Gary Davies, 40, told the PA news agency.

“We talked about it and we wrote a dozen little notes, put them into envelopes, and put some chocolate in.

“She wrote the notes and addressed them to ‘Emergency Service Worker’. She’s only nine, (so) she didn’t think to just write the same thing every time!

“She wrote 12 different notes saying ‘you’re awesome, my friends think you’re awesome, enjoy the chocolate.'”

Gary Davies on holiday with his daughter Eva, who gave out letters and chocolate to emergency workers in Chorley
(Gary Davies)

The gesture was how Gary and Eva decided to spend their “daddy-daughter day”, giving the letters out both in person and by leaving them on parked emergency vehicles.

One of the letters, left on a police vehicle, read: “Dear Emergency Service Worker. You do an outstanding job and work extremely hard. Mostly, Thank You.”

Officer Leanne Newitt received one of the messages on her van, and told PA: “I was dealing with quite a complicated incident at the time and it was just lovely to read that message, it brought a tear to my eye.

“If everybody was just a little bit more like Eva the world would be such a nicer place.”

Chorley police’s Twitter account put out a plea to find Eva so they could “arrange something in return”. Mr Davies confirmed the police force had indeed been in touch and invited Eva to have a look around the station.

“They dropped me an email last night and said they’d like for her to come in and have a look around the police station,” he said.

“They said they’d maybe try and make some time to go and see the police dogs and the mounted police, which she’d love.

“I think she made a few people happy.”

Officer Newitt added: I’m just proud to keep the people of Chorley safe… I never expect anything back but it was just such a lovely gesture.

“Not everybody likes the police, even though I set out to help someone in their time of need, and if she just wants to say thank you for something I do every day it’s lovely.”

Officer Newitt said she has not had someone leave a message like this on her van before. She added that the chocolates were particularly well-received as her team had not had lunch that day.

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