Whipsnade Zoo welcomes two ‘rare' baby wolverines

The kits have been nicknamed Logan and Hugh by keepers.

A rare addition to UK species has been captured on camera at Whipsnade Zoo following the birth of two wolverines.

The pair are the first to be born at the zoo as part of a European-wide breeding programme, with the numbers of wolverines in the wild decreasing.

The gender of the kits, currently nicknamed Logan and Hugh, is not yet known.

They were born to three-year-old mother Fi and 10-year-old father Puff on February 18.

The species, also known as “gluttons” or “skunk bears”, is under threat in the wild due to habitat loss and hunting.

Fi arrived at Whipsnade last September and keepers soon observed positive signs between her and Puff.

But despite the pair playfully chasing each other around their enclosure, it was difficult to predict when any new arrivals could be expected.

Keepers said mum Fi has been protective over her newborns (Zoological Society of London/PA)
Keepers say Fi has been protective over her newborns (Zoological Society of London/PA)

Keeper Donovan Glyn said: “We were delighted when we discovered that Fi had given birth to twins last month and have been carefully observing mum and her babies.

“We’re one of only three zoos in the UK to look after wolverines and we are so excited to have our first ever wolverine kits born here at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

“They have not yet opened their eyes but will do any day now, and we’ve seen Fi taking meat for the kits to lick and try – the beginning of the weaning process.”

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