Peep Show fan arranges ‘Three-o Walcott’ billboard on footballer’s 30th birthday

It’s all to do with a joke in the hit sitcom.
It’s all to do with a joke in the hit sitcom.

A Peep Show fan went above and beyond by arranging a billboard to celebrate footballer Theo Walcott’s 30th birthday.

The move references a joke from the hit Channel 4 sitcom, in which one of the main characters, Jeremy Usborne, has a plan to make his “Three-o Walcott millions”.

As his flatmate in the show Mark explains: “Jeremy’s planning to sell the headline ‘Three-o Walcott’ to a tabloid newspaper when Theo Walcott turns 30, and we’ve agreed not to argue whether that’s a good plan.”

Years later, many people marked the occasion in real life by referencing it on Twitter.

The Sun even made Jeremy’s wish come true by printing the headline complete with a byline for Jeremy, though it’s not clear if he got his millions for it.

But Mike English, an account director at advertising firm Goodstuff Communications, went one further by arranging for a “Three-o” digital billboard in Streatham, south London.

He said: “I’m a massive fan of Peep Show and really want Robert Webb or David Mitchell to see it! And (I’m) a huge Arsenal fan so I love Theo Walcott anyway.”

The support of Twitter didn’t go unnoticed by Walcott himself, who tweeted: “Thanks for the Birthday messages everyone, it really means a lot.”

Although Peep Show fans were clearly hoping for a little more.