Guy’s parents kiss 7 years after divorce and Twitter is shipping them so hard

It’s the Twitter romance of the decade…
It’s the Twitter romance of the decade…

A son has gone very viral after posting a text he received from his mum after his parents had been on a date.

But it wasn’t just any date – it came seven years after the pair had divorced.

The screengrab from Twitter user Virgo Vonnie showed a message from his mum Katrina saying: “i just kissed ya father lol”

And after he pressed her for more, she added: “yes and it was gooooooood and he smelled mesmerizing. i think i might just go get my man back”.

The divorce between Katrina and his dad Ivy, Vonnie revealed, had not been exactly amicable.

“They wouldn’t even speak to each other the first couple of years. Me & my brothers had to relay messages,” he told the Press Association.

But they reconnected years down the line, much to his surprise.

Vonnie told said: “My mom was having issues with her ex boyfriend & called my dad to get relationship advice lol”

And later, when the pair were both single, they met up – and the rest is history.

The story was a runaway hit on Twitter, where Vonnie’s tweet quickly racked up over 100,000 likes.

With the internet clamouring for more information, there was one promising update.

So hats at the ready – we could be on for the Twitter wedding of the century…