Eight ways people would take over the world if they could time-travel to 1990

Spoiler: Yes, investing in Apple gets a mention.

Time travel is, as yet, not possible – and when you see what this lot have got planned you’ll be pleased it isn’t.

Reddit user BorisOfMyr asked their fellows: “Your life resets to 1990 and you have all of your current knowledge, how do you take control of the world?”

Here are eight of the best answers.


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2. From user DukeInterior

“There’s a book called The Fifteen First Lives Of Harry August by Claire North, that is basically this. There are some people (who refer to themselves as Ouroborans) who, upon death, simply reset to the beginning of their life, with all memories intact.

“One, born in the 20s, starts using his knowledge of technology in the future, to develop advancements earlier and earlier, getting to the point where mobile phones exist by WW2.

“But I’d just invest in a bunch of companies, Facebook, Apple, Sports events, video game companies etc.

“Once I’m born of course, three years later.”

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4. From user jchall3

“I would straight up claim to be a time traveler. There are many events in the 1990s that would be easy to predict without actually affecting their outcome. Most of these would be sports events, but there are other major world events you could predict.

“Once I create a cult following in the mid 90s, I would start some simple investing schemes and buy up some .coms. I would use this and my knowledge of the internet to reach millions as it comes of age.

“Then I hit them with the big one: I claim to be the second coming of Jesus. Yep, you read that right, straight up blasphemy. With a few more predictions I would have a very solid following/cult.”

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6. From user Toloc42

“Step 2: IBM stock up to early 2000s

“Step 3: Apple stock up to 2010

“Step 4: Bitcoin up to December 2017

“Step 1: Convince my parents 1 year old Toloc42 is not possessed.”

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8. From user jbsaucinger

“Start my collection of The Office memes early and be ready for when the time is right.”

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Let’s hope these people don’t get to do these things.

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