11 things people think you shouldn't knock until you've tried them

From Dungeons and Dragons to peanut butter on pancakes.

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss things before you give them a go – but how many of these new experiences would you be willing to try?

When Reddit user Roy__Papenfuss asked users of the website: “What is your best ‘don’t knock it till you try it’?” they came up with some intriguing answers. So, here are 11 of the best.

1. Solo cinema

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2. Invent your own drink

“The mixed drink known as a “Lunchbox.” Pour a can of cheap beer into a tall glass, top it off with orange juice, and add a shot or so of amaretto. Every friend I’ve told about it said it sounds gross, but every one of them loved it when I made them one.” – DannyDevitosHairline

3. Sensory Deprivation Chamber

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4. Write it down

“Writing down your thoughts and problems. Lets you put stuff in perspective instead of replaying the same thoughts over and over.” – kcins

5. Dungeons and Dragons

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6. Peanut butter on…

“Peanut butter on pancakes. I lived in Texas and my friend had it and thought it was weird. Tried it and it was awesome but when I tell people to try it they give me the same weird look.” – WackyWookie

7. Music

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8. Yoga

“Yoga. Especially if you are active and old” – Etoxins

9. Fries and…

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10. Nintendo games

“Nintendo games. A lot of people hate them just because they’re for kids. It’s E for everyone not K for kids.” – Camero32

11. Gardening

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