This donkey had a stylish solution to keep insects from biting her legs

Marjorie wore some fashionable stripy socks to keep the flies at bay.

Social media is falling in love with a very stylish donkey whose owners had a genius solution for keeping flies at bay.

Marjorie, a 25-year-old at the Donkey Sanctuary’s Paccombe Farm in Devon, is wearing the socks to keep flies from biting her legs during the summer months.

Posting a photo of her on Twitter, the Donkey Sanctuary said: “After realising that repellent spray wasn’t helping, our team found Marjorie some fabulous stripey socks to help keep the insects away.”

The Donkey Sanctuary said: “The socks help donkeys who are elderly, particularly with arthritis, who find it hard to stamp their hooves to shake the flies off.

“Over the years the Donkey Sanctuary has tried using old stockings and tights attached with tape – but they tended to slip down after a few hours, so socks are the better option and most effective.”

As well as being an effective way to keep flies at bay, people are loving Marjorie’s new look.

The Donkey Sanctuary said: “Other elderly or mobility-challenged donkeys would benefit from wearing them if they too suffered from fly bites.

“The Donkey Sanctuary is currently working with the University of Bristol (with Professor Richard Wall) on a project to reduce the problems that biting flies pose to donkeys.”

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