This meme involving lists is the latest way to show your preferences

From movies to animals, this lot want you to know their favourites.

Everyone has preferences. Perhaps you believe that Harry Potter is the best movie series ever made, or that your favourite band is unquestionably better than any other.

A new meme is helping people show off their favourite stuff by fooling others into thinking they aren’t taking sides, only to slap their favourite thing in the top spot.

So what does it look like? Here’s a good example:

The meme took off this week, sparking many variations on the theme.

Disney featured heavily

As with anything on the internet, talk quickly turned to animals

Then things got topical with the World Cup

The New South Wales police, famous for adopting the latest memes to publicise their services, even joined in.

Although many enjoyed the endless ranking tweets, some were not fans

This trend sure did end up covering a wide array of topics. Twitter users, we salute you.

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