11 facts about the human body that will leave you shaken

The human body is incredible… but these facts about it might unsettle you.

The human body is a miraculous thing, and most of us hardly know anything about how it actually works.

Reddit user delilahLH asked people on the website for their favourite “fun facts” about the human body, and some of them will shock you.

Here are 11 of the best, which you’ll be telling people for days.

1. People who have aphakia, or no lens on the eye, have reported the ability to see ultraviolet wavelengths.

2. On average we are about 1cm taller in the morning than in the evening.

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3. Try to get this fact out of your head.

4. Women are born with all the eggs they are ever going to have.

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5. By mass and volume, a person is more human cells – however, bacteria cells outnumber human cells.

6. Newborn babies have around 305 bones, which fuse to 206 bones by adulthood.

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7. This is quite strange to think about…

8. Tough skin, like that on elbows, has fewer pain detectors than the rest of your body.

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9. An average human body produces almost one to two litres of saliva in a day.

10. Horrifying.

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11. Lastly, this may be obvious but it’s creepier the more you think about it.

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