Sergio Garcia just gifted CL final tickets to one of Liverpool's biggest fans

You may recognise lucky ticket recipient Richy Sheehy's song ‘We've Got Salah'.

Real Madrid fan and 2017 Masters golf champion Sergio Garcia and his wife have given away two free tickets for the Champions League final in Kiev – and they’ve given them to one of Liverpool’s biggest fans.

Angela Garcia told her Twitter followers that she and Sergio had two tickets spare and that they would like to “make a random person’s day”.

That random person ended up being Richy Sheehy, after Twitter user Aidan Mulcahy pointed the Real fans in his direction.

You may recognise Richy too, but not under that name.

The Irish comedian’s alter ego Kevin Murphy went viral this season as “Cork’s biggest Liverpool fan” thanks to an infectious chant he created for the Reds.

In the wake of Philippe Coutinho’s departure to Barcelona, Sheehy created a new song, “We’ve Got Salah”, to the tune of The Archies’ Sugar, Sugar.

Endorsing the talents of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, Sheehy’s character Kevin was embraced by Liverpool fans and the song quickly became a staple on terraces.

Whether the Garcias knew about this when they gave Sheehy the ticket isn’t clear – so in case they haven’t heard it, here’s that song again.

Sorry to have put it back in your head.

Liverpool face Real Madrid in the Uefa Champions League final in Kiev at 7.45pm on Saturday.

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