This snake escaped from a box of cornflakes and slithered into a dishwasher

Much to the shock of a man who was just trying to get his breakfast.

A snake slithered out of a box of cornflakes and into a man’s dishwasher as he sat down for breakfast.

The 3ft-long corn snake had been curled up in the box of cereal when the man went to get a bowl of cereal on Saturday morning.

The RSPCA, which was called to move the animal, think the snake is a lost pet and is trying to find the owner.

Snake slithered into dishwasher in family home (RSPCA)

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Katie Hetherington attended the address in Mona Road, Sheffield.

She said: “The poor chap was absolutely terrified – I think it was the last thing he expected to find in his kitchen.”

The snake was unharmed and has been taken into specialist care.

It has been identified as a corn snake – a species native to North America.

RSPCA senior scientific officer in wildlife, Nicola White, said: “Corn snakes are one of the most commonly-kept exotic pets – and they are particularly good at escaping.”

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