This teen's little brother pranked her into buying him lunch and it's hilarious

Zahra Hashimee had to buy her brother lunch when he played an amazing Uno-themed prank on her.

Most little brothers can be sneaky at times, but this one deserves an award for the clever method he used to prank his sister.

Zahra Hashimee, an 18-year-old from upstate New York received a text from her 12-year-old brother asking to take him to lunch. When she said no, he hit her with a prank she couldn’t refuse.

He sent her a picture of the “reverse” card from Uno, meaning that her “no” would have to turn into a “yes”.

The card – used tactically here as a method of receiving food – usually means that play has to switch directions to another player.

Zahra said: “He says he used to play in elementary school with friends … The second time he hit me with the reverse though it killed me. I died laughing.”

The hilarious text conversation now has more than 82,000 retweets.

Zahra said: “It’s been so cool watching it blow up like it has … It’s weird that so many strangers have seen a private conversation between me and my brother.

“He’s a really funny, talented, witty kid so, yeah, stuff like this happens pretty often.”

This story even has a happy ending, as Zahra took her brother to Chipotle twice to celebrate their tweet success.

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