A student took a selfie every day for eight years and it's the best timelapse

Eadington, 22, started documenting herself at 14 years old.

Imagine being able to see what you looked every day throughout your teenage years, through to your early twenties.

Design student Eadington has been documenting herself through selfies everyday since she was 14, and the results are pretty incredible.

“When I started the project there were a couple viral videos of the same nature already out there, though many of the ones I had seen were guys, so I was interested in how it would be if a girl did it,” she told the Press Association.

Although the format is more widely used nowadays, when she started in 2010, selfies were not so popular.

“My decision to start was mainly because I didn’t like what I looked like at 14 – and I hoped that as I grew up, if I a had a log of where I’d came from, I’d be able to compare back and feel better about myself in the future, which I think I can do now.”

Over the past three years, the 22-year-old American student, who lives in the UK, has been posting updated versions of the video, adding one year on each time.

Viewers can see the captivating transition through different hairstyles and surroundings.

She said: “Since then though, it has become more just like a way for me to document my life, the last several years I’ve tried to take the picture at interesting times during each day, so that when I look through them I can be reminded of that moment or what I was feeling that day.”

Her video has quickly gained internet praise, garnering more that 160,000 views in three days.

Eadington says she has no plans to stop the project, and hopes it will “continue to motivate me to improve myself”.

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