Fans are admitting something embarrassing about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal

It's Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC.

With many football fans being too young to remember Arsenal before Arsene Wenger, many are revealing a hilarious assumption they made about the club as children after the news the Frenchman would depart the club.

Twenty-two years is a long time to manage any football team, so long in fact that some fans think Wenger deserves a statue, or something even bigger, for his service to the club.

Could that “something even bigger” be a dedicated stand, as Manchester United did for Sir Alex Ferguson, or even the whole stadium?

Whether it’s statue, stand or stadium, it seems the following joke carried a lot of truth. Arsenal… Arsene… the club’s already named after him, right?

Obviously it’s not, but for football fans who grew up with Wenger at the helm, it definitely seemed that way for a while.

With no Arsenes in the frame to take over from Le Prof, the next generation should find supporting the club a lot less confusing.

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