This girl took a cardboard cutout of Michael B Jordan to prom and the man himself was impressed

The two-dimensional date proved a social media sensation.

Taking a cardboard cutout to prom as your date might seem a last resort, but everything changes when that cardboard cutout is in the form of Black Panther star Michael B Jordan.

Audeva Agyeman, 17, was preparing to attend her prom in Philadelphia, when a lack of options forced her to think outside the box.

“I asked my friend Tyler but he couldn’t come because of college stuff,” Audeva told the Press Association.

“My other friend Dillon was going with someone else, and everyone else said no because ‘why would I go to an all-girl school prom?'”

With that in mind, Audeva decided to make a cardboard cutout for the occasion, and one man stood out for the job.

“My options were Chance the Rapper or Michael B Jordan because both are fine,” said Audeva.

“I think the main reason I opted for Michael is because of his recent rise up because of Black Panther. But don’t get it twisted, I loved him way back.”

A prom-attendee with a Michael B. Jordan cardboard cutout
(Photo courtesy of Audeva Agyeman)

And while the cutout was obviously not a sentient being, Audeva and her friends made sure Michael arrived in style and was able to walk her in.

“My friends Alliza and Annie helped me bring him to prom in their car and I came separately,” said Audeva.

“I already hyped everyone else up that I was bringing a special date and they were hella curious and anxious. Then I walk through with him and everyone is like ‘OMG AUDEVA NO STOP I LOVE THIS’ and my friend Jess held him up to walk me in.

“I did dance with him once to Ed Sheeran’s Out Loud and everyone stared in awe and amusement.”

A prom-attendee with a Michael B. Jordan cardboard cutout
(Audeva Agyeman)

The cutout had to say its goodbyes at the end of the evening after it was apparently vandalised, but Audeva is hoping for an upgrade.

“My ultimate hope from all of this is to go on Ellen and meet him,” she said.

And while that might have seemed a distant dream a few days ago, Michael, who played Erik Killmonger in Marvel smash Black Panther, has at least been made aware of the part he played at prom.

He commented on an Instagram picture of the incident, saying: “This is called commitment!”

A screen grab from @theshaderoom's Instagram

If Audeva does get to meet Michael, it might take some getting used to his being three-dimensional.

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