11 little things that might prove you're wealthier than you thought

If you can afford these luxuries, you might be a lot richer than you think…

We all have those moments where it feels like life couldn’t get more expensive, but many of us are more fortunate than we think, and would be seen as wealthy by a lot of people.

Reddit user _FrankAbagnale asked people on the website what “wealthy” looked like in their eyes, and the answers are pretty unexpected.

Here are the top 11 responses that will either make you grateful, or really jealous.

1. When the phrase “guacamole is extra” doesn’t fill you with dread.

2. When you don’t feel the need to brag.

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3. Ignoring money-saving deals.

4. Being able to buy the snacks you want.

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5. If you’re not sneakily using other people’s WiFi, you might be rich.

6. Not having to bring packed lunches everywhere.

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7. When you don’t have to worry about dinner and transport.

8. If your morning routine is like a movie montage, you’re definitely rich!

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9. Not having to buy the basic brands.

10. Not checking prices is a luxury everyone should be grateful for.

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11. Finally, you should always be grateful to have your health.

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