This remarkably sure-footed bear climbed 50 feet up a tree

Don't worry, he made it down ok.

A bear took his fame to new heights, after he climbed 50 feet up a fir tree.

Takoda the black bear climbed a Douglas fir tree in his enclosure at Oregon Zoo and showed he is remarkably sure-footed.

Takoda came to Oregon Zoo in 2010 after being discovered as an orphaned cub in Montana in the northern United States.

He has since been called an ambassador for his species by his keepers and is a popular character at the zoo.

His name means “friend to all” in Sioux, a native American language, and he can be recognised by a large white “V” on his chest.

Takoda the black bear

Discovered as an orphaned cub in Montana, Takoda found a new family and became an ambassador for his species.

Posted by Second Chances on Monday, October 23, 2017

Careful in those trees Takoda!

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