This man's wife makes him a Yoshi birthday cake every year, but never QUITE manages to pull it off

The cakes taste great apparently, but the aesthetics are something else.

Making a birthday cake that looks like something is a lot like trying to be funny – getting it almost right can be the worst.

That’s certainly the case for Jason Bice’s wife, Nora. Nora attempts to make her husband, 35, from Burbank, California, a Yoshi cake every year, but the resemblance never quite hits the spot.

Three home-made Yoshi cakes
(Jason Bice)

So why does Nora continue this pursuit? Well, it all started four years ago and has turned into something of an inside joke.

“I love video games, especially Nintendo, and have since I was a little kid,” said Jason. “Nora’s more of a Donkey Kong girl, but usually sits looking at Pinterest while I play games.

“About four years ago, Nora asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I randomly said: ‘A Yoshi cake,’ and she made it happen. It turned out really bad, but tasted delicious.

“We both laughed about it and the following year I asked her to make one again – which was the three cupcakes/evolution of Yoshi cake – from then it just kind of became a tradition.”

A home-made Yoshi cake
(Jason Bice)

That tradition has been ongoing for around four years now, so have they improved, or become steadily worse?

“It’s funny, the first one she ever did was pretty bad, then she did the three cupcake one, which was decent,” said Jason.

“Then she did the square one, which showed vast improvement, and this year she tried the 3D Yoshi head that looks like she chopped off his head and put it on a plate.”

A home-made Yoshi cake
(Jason Bice)

Time after time then, the cakes go wrong. But in their own way, they’re perfect in the reaction they produce.

“It’s one of those things where we both can’t help but laugh,” said Jason. “I personally didn’t think they looked too terrible and I appreciate her effort just the same.

“Honestly, I hope they never improve.”

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