This policeman putting his head through an ice window and 6 more stories from the cold

From the inspiring to the hilarious.

Cold weather brought by easterly winds continues to batter the UK and Ireland and with it comes snow, ice and of course some wintry tales.

These are some of the most interesting or entertaining things that have been happening in the wake of the Beast from the East.

1. This chirpy copper popped his head through a window

Not a glass window of course, ice is a lot more fun.

2. These teenagers got stranded on an island

Two teenagers were caught out after walking across ice to get to the island in a pond in East Grinstead.

The boys were stranded and three fire engines attended the scene to collect the pair, using a kayak to get across.

“The boys seemed fine afterwards,” Amy Latter, who filmed the rescue, told the Press Association. “Firemen were quite tough with them though and asked them how they planned on getting back over.”

3. This inspiring youngster and his dog took on the elements

With a bit of innovation and a very good dog, Tom Clonan took his son Eoghan out in the snowy conditions on two sleds.

Eoghan suffers form a neuromuscular disease which means he cannot walk, but dog Duke braved the snow just the same.

4. This Irishman literally dived right in

I’m practicing for the next Olympics.To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

Posted by Frank Price on Friday, March 2, 2018

Difficult not to be impressed by a man in swimwear and a few feet of snow – real bravery from Frank Price in Tallaght, Ireland.

5. This remarkable bull looked cool

When there’s snow there’s invariably a host of creative types ready to try their hand at some sculpting and this effort is right up there.

Horns and all.

6. These delivery robots kept calm and carrying on

Both oddly cute and pretty impressive, this little trooper from Milton Keynes has been acting like, well, a machine.

7. And Amsterdam showed what real cold looks like

The deep freeze has extended beyond the British and Irish isles, and in the Netherlands’ capital canals froze for the first time in years.

A beautiful sight – and perfect conditions for them to practise for the next Winter Olympics.

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