Ted Cruz argued on Twitter with Mark Hamill about net neutrality and it's incredibly entertaining

“Maybe you're just distracted from watching porn at the office again.”

Texas senator Ted Cruz got into something of a Twitter spat with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill over net neutrality.

Last week the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to end rules that prevent internet service providers from choosing to speed up or slow down access to certain websites or apps, charging customers for the services they use.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai released a video in an attempt to explain “just a few of the things” Americans will still be able to do on the internet after the bill is repealed – showing him using Instagram, ordering online dressed as Santa Claus and even using a lightsaber.

Hamill, best known as hero Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, made his thoughts known on the chairman’s video – and his Jedi credentials.

He even got a Yoda hashtag at the end – remarkable stuff.

Hamill’s comment could have been a standalone feature, but it seems American politician Cruz thought it should be a series.

In a slightly confusing reference to Star Wars, Cruz seems to suggest Darth Vader had a hard line on internet policy – ultimately concluding that to repeal net neutrality laws would be to “free the net”.

Fellow Republican Donald Trump Junior absolutely loved it.

Of course, Hamill was ready with a response.

Hamill was of course referencing the high publicity moment earlier this year when Cruz’s Twitter account bizarrely “liked” a pornographic post.

This time, it was actor Billy Baldwin’s turn to take a side in the fight.

Hamill also pointed out Cruz had misspelled his name, instead tagging a fake account – to which Cruz replied.

Yes he referenced Star Wars again, this time quoting Yoda and claiming Hamill had insulted him – while reiterating his thoughts on net neutrality.

Hamill didn’t directly reply, but did move to correct a previous misspelling of his own.

Let it go Mark…

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