A picture of Matthew McConaughey looking sassy has blown up on Twitter

Those hips though.

An amusing picture Matthew looking ludicrously sassy has taken the Internet by storm.

Posted by Malcolm Hamilton to his Twitter account, the image shows the Oscar-winning actor with his hands on his hips while speaking to a basketball team in Texas.

For those of you who aren’t aware, fierce is described in the Urban Dictionary as “being bold” and “displaying chutzpah” amongst other definitions – and it’s fair to say the angle of McConaughey’s hip shows that and then some.

Malcolm noticed the photo on his timeline when he saw the University of Texas, where he formerly studied, retweeted pictures of McConaughey’s visit to a practice for their men’s basketball team.

“When that popped up on my timeline, I noticed his intense power stance and took the picture from their tweet, zoomed in on McConaughey, and threw on the caption in a new tweet hoping that I wasn’t the only one wondering what was going on,” Malcolm told the Press Association. “Turns out I wasn’t alone.”

Malcolm’s tweet has over 195,000 likes.

“Going viral has been a wild experience for me so far,” said Malcolm. “I know not everyone gets a shot at 15 seconds of fame, so I’ve been trying to milk this tweet for everything it’s got while it’s still relevant.

“I’ve already tried to get Ellen’s attention and more recently the guy who tweeted at Wendy’s for the ‘how many retweets for free chicken nuggets for life’ but to no avail so far.”

Malcolm said he hopes he can use his new-found fame to meet some of his favourite celebrities or even get a “modest” social media job from it.

“For now, I’ll just accept my fate as the ‘McConaughey tweet’ guy,” he added.

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