Petr Cech's table-tennis reactions drill might leave you a bit dizzy

It's all going on here.

Petr Cech has enjoyed the best part of two decades in the professional goalkeeping business, but what exactly does such a career entail?

Well, aside from the physical aspect of the game, goalies need quick hands and even quicker brains – that’s where Cech’s impressive and slightly baffling training drill comes in.

Prepare to be confused.

Perhaps the first thing to note is the rudimentary nature of the set-up – it looks as if spending £50 million on a new striker left just enough for four cones, some tape and a towel.

Cech is faced with two table tennis ball-firing machines, as well as four different colour cones, engaging what must be almost all of his brain in an attempt to perform different actions.

It’s all rather impressive, although some fans couldn’t help but focus on Cech’s shortcomings in net – the former Chelsea stopper has failed to save all 12 penalties he has faced for Arsenal.

There’s always room to improve.

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