All of this beautiful tableware is made by squashing clay in a hydraulic press

Each one is completely unique.

Hydraulic presses have become one of the internet’s favourite things – with a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing anything and everything in one racking up close to two million followers.

However, it is not just destruction hydraulic presses are good for – as Granby Workshop in Liverpool demonstrates.

The manufacturer specialises in architectural ceramics and was founded by Turner Prize winning design collective Assemble.

For their latest project, they are creating beautiful cups and plates by squashing together coloured clays in a 60-tonne hydraulic press – with the resulting piece of tableware being completely unique.

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Granby describe their plates as “playful and celebratory, perfect for special occasions but durable enough for everyday use”, and their project on Kickstarter has already surpassed the goal of £40,000.

The cups their press will create are for both hot and cold drinks, and almost 500 people backed their creation – signalling they are likely to be quite popular.

Plates and cups made with a hydraulic press
(Granby Workshop)

The manufacturer will order their materials, batch-mix clay with pigments and begin production in November and December, and after sanding, glazing and re-firing in January, orders will be ready to go out in February.

A collection of hydraulic press plates
(Granby Workshop)

Granby Workshop was set up by the community of Granby in Liverpool – a neighbourhood that “was nearly made derelict by decades of poorly-planned regeneration initiatives”, the group says.

A group of residents started cleaning, planting, painting and campaigning in the neighbourhood, and in 2011 entered into “an innovative form of community land ownership to secure 10 empty houses and renovate them as affordable homes”.

They brought in Assemble to help and in 2015 won the Turner Prize, which is presented to a British visual artist each year, after creating a range of products for the renovated homes.

The group said: “Now we want to introduce new products to help grow the workshop and expand the team.

“You’ll get beautiful one-of-a-kind tableware and we’ll be able to keep producing exciting new products, and investing in Granby.”

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