10 excellent examples of how pets' names evolve

Fluffy can so easily become flooffy – and it doesn't stop there…

Talking to pets can change a human into a squealing mess and this babbling can often see our companions’ names transform beyond all reason and recognition.

What are the best examples of “Harrys” becoming “Potty-boo-boos” though? Well, ever the fountain of bizarre knowledge, Reddit has the answer.

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User Gentrybean – don’t even get started on Reddit usernames – asked: “What is your pet’s real name and what has it morphed into?”

Here’s 10 of the best answers.

1. Cat’s name is Abe. If you put a finger to his nose, he will lick it until you pull it away (potentially forever).
This has deemed him worthy to be known as Abraham Lickin’
– htsu

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2. I have a dog named Jinx. Jinx -> Jinxy ->Stinky…… but usually goes by Good boy, puppy, pup, or “what are you eating?” – Kayron648

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3. Jynx is my cat’s name, but he was really small when we brought him home, so my mom and I called him “Baby” a lot. My dad called him “Little Dude”, so we wound up mashing it into “Baby Dude”. I don’t think we’ve ever called him Jynx, and he only answers to Baby Dude – SettleDown_Beavis

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4. My mum’s dog is called meg, which turned into meggy moo, then meggy poo, mega poo to just my mum shouting ‘poo!’ at the top of her voice in the middle of the park. I think people think she’s a tad odd – talkingdonkeys

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5. Voldemort is Voldie, Vold, or if we’re upset, Tom – alwaysmelancholy

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6. Rigby = Rigabone Rigaboney Rigatoni Boney Bone Bonus. These past few weeks I’ve been calling him Casa Bonita. But honestly, he only comes when you say “cheese” – oxidationpudding

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7. My welsh corgi’s name is foxy but she has such little stumps for legs that we call her low rider – WumbologyNurse12

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8. Jackson. But he tends to get called OI! or Come Here! – Mr_HatAndClogs

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9. My chinchilla, Sir Boris, King of the Mardi Gras, is occasionally fluff nugget, floof caboose, chinzilla, fat mouse, and most frequently boristien bear – greenlykethecolor

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10. I forget what their real names were, but we used to have two cats who morphed into The Black One and The Gray One – trjones1

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