A guy is recreating Donald Trump's presidency using creatures from Sylvanian Families

The man behind the account is a nurse from England who offers his take on the presidency via the woodland toys.

This is the miniature version of US President Donald Trump which is building a loyal following on social media.

Twitter account @F0rest_Trump is an expletive-laden Sylvanian Potus.

It offers a glimpse into American politics through the eyes of Paul Welander, a British nurse who uses his children’s toys to mock up scenarios then share with more than 17,200 Twitter followers.

Welander is also the man behind @Forest_Fr1ends but decided Trump had so much material he needed his own account.

He said: “When Trump got elected back in January I really wanted to take the mick out of all those blunders he was making.

“It felt like this guy was giving out material for humour every day but the @Forest_Fr1ends platform wasn’t the right one.

“People didn’t follow that for political comment so I tweeted out that I was going to create a new account exclusively for Trump tweets.”

Posts are tied to events ranging from the real Trump’s inauguration to the recent eclipse and his colourful use of language with words like “bigly” and “cofveve” making an appearance.

It also covers alleged links to Russia, while a Sylvanian Queen features too; telling Trump not to visit the UK.

The 43-year-old from Norwich said: “Trump has done a wonderful job of keeping the gags and gaffes coming. Every now and again he’ll do or say something that will inspire me to rant through the little toy creature.”

He added: “When I get an idea from a news story I’ll think about it during the day, different ways to phrase things or imagine the scene I want to create.

“Then usually in the evenings when the kids are in bed I sneakily pull out their toys and start staging the picture.”

Staging and taking the photo can take about 20 minutes. He then edits the images and within 10 minutes it’s ready to post.

In one picture, showing Trump in a bathroom, he added a pair of Russian underpants digitally to the miniature creature.

But Forest Trump’s hair is real, not digital. It is made from natural wool roving, a pre-spun wool which comes out as a ball of fluff.

For Welander, creating the Trump tableaux is cathartic.

He added: “I wanted a channel to vent my frustrations. It’s a nice way for me to get that stuff off my chest.”

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