This post-fight speech is like none you've ever heard before

A wardrobe malfunction caused a special moment between these two fighters.

An MMA fighter has given a pretty special post-fight speech commending some unique sportsmanship shown by her opponent.

Katharine Roy got in a spot of bother at the American Kombat Alliance show, but Brandi Narvaez did the right thing to help her keep her dignity. Here’s what Roy had to say…

“Brandi had me on the fence and she pushed my sports bra half the way up so we would have had some side-boob going on out here,” said Roy. “And she goes ‘hold up – bra, boob’ and she let me fix my sports bra without hurting me and without punching me.

“That is good sportsmanship so none of y’all saw my titty.”

So there you have it. Despite usually beating each other to pulp, a wardrobe malfunction brought the opponents together in a special way. Cue the fans’ appreciation.

Heroism comes in all sorts of forms.

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