Jeremy Corbyn helped carry a pram up some steps, so naturally everyone's over-analysing it

There are always cynics…

Jeremy Corbyn has been spotted doing a good deed on the steps of Crawley station.

The Labour leader apparently overheard a woman asking for help with her pram and gamely got involved.

The short video, which was taken on Corbyn’s Snapchat account, has of course received a lot of attention online and in the press – as any small act of kindness does with politicians.

Corbyn was, according to his press officer who took the video, thanked by the woman for helping – as you would expect.

Some have simply congratulated the 68-year-old’s moment of kindness.

While one questioned what might have happened if Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May had been in the same situation.

However, some seemed to meet the video with a tiny bit of cynicism.

And others? A lot of cynicism.

Finally of course, many just leaped at the opportunity to make a joke.

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