A New Jersey floor fitter gives an Employee of the Week award to all the dogs he works with

Fred Josephsen's business went viral after his son posted about his dad's hardworking companions.

A flooring contractor from New Jersey has found the most endearing way to reward the very good canine helpers he finds on his jobs.

Fred Josephsen, a business owner and third-generation floor fitter, is fortunate enough to encounter pets quite frequently as he travels between different homes.

And in recognition of their valued assistance, he has bestowed the honourable “Employee of the Week” award upon each and every one, since 2010.

No one could be more deserving than these pups.

The married father-of-two doesn’t just post dogs – meet Kobe, the cat who takes his job very seriously.

And here is a donkey, who looks eager to help fit those hardwood surfaces.

Self-confessed pet lover Josephsen, who is also a proud parent to two sweet dogs, said the hounds keep him company while he works.

“The pets help me by breaking up the day. If they are not there watching me, they often come to see me when the machine noise stops. We keep each other company,” he told the Press Association.

He added: “I work alone and have always been a pet lover. I would take the pictures to share with my family when Facebook started. I thought it would be great to share with everyone.

“Since I do not have any employees, it seemed right to make the “Employee of the Week”.

And right it was, indeed. His business Facebook page welcomed a surge in followers after his son Dillon, a university student, tweeted about the adorable posts.

The tweet itself went viral, attracting more than 100,000 retweets and 300,000 likes.

The responses were pretty emotional.

Josephsen also owns two cats and “a pond full of fish”.

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