Watch Hedge the weightlifting hedgehog dominate an epic bench press like it's nothing

Do you even lift bro?

On the face of it, Hedge looks like any other adorable small hedgehog – but beneath his cute, spiky exterior there hides a beast…

Hedge’s game face (Nick Miller)

Hedge, three, is a weightlifter like no other of his kind. In a bench press video posted by his owner and trainer – fitness expert Nick Miller – you’ll soon see why.

One hand for 600lbs, are you serious right now?

Well, in a word, no. Of course Hedge can’t lift 600lbs (272kg) – but his fitness and bodybuilding expert owner Nick reckons Hedge really is into his weightlifting.

“All jokes aside, he sits and watches weightlifting videos on YouTube with me – and I swear he is actually focused on them and enjoys them,” said 24-year-old American Nick.

The most powerful hedgehog since Sonic (Nick Miller)

Hedge has become something of a star of Nick’s YouTube channel, Nick’s Strength and Power, which has more than 150,000 subscribers.

For example, here’s Hedge taking on another 600lb challenge – this time with squats.

Just check out that form. This hedgehog is going places – and there’s more to come too.

“I’ve done a squat video with him, as well as the bench video, so of course now we need to make a deadlift video to complete the powerlifting total,” said Nick.

Is Hedge ready for his next challenge?

You bet he is…

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