Donald Trump Jr's email chain has inevitably started a fun new meme

He just…. he tweeted it out.

When Donald Trump Jr tweeted out emails admitting to a meeting between the Trump campaign and a “Russian government attorney” who had dirt to share on Hillary Clinton, he appeared to do a lot of journalists’ work for them.

Jared Yates Sexton, a journalist who’s written for the New York Times and Politico, expressed his shock at Trump Jr’s attempt at “transparency” in a series of tweets – one of which has received a lot of attention.

Sexton said he, like many others, “were trying to track this down. And it just… got delivered on a tweet. What the hell”.

People have taken the tweet where Sexton admitted he “worked on this story for a year” and run with it.

It means that no old tweets are safe.

A tweet by James Liam Cook


A tweet about Kim Kardashian

A tweet from Sean Spicer

A tweet by Britney Spears

A tweet by Ed Balls

A Newt Gingrich tweet

People across the internet are being denied the opportunity to BLOW THIS CASE WIDE OPEN.

A tweet by David Warner

A tweet by John Cleese

And it’s not just celebrities being used as a source for inspiration.

There are also some more diverse instances…

A tweet about a hot dog

A tweet about a bear

Be careful out there folks. Anything is fair game.

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