Policeman finds ‘alien' in front seat after pulling over driver for speeding

The “alien” was even wearing its seat belt.

A police officer had a surprise when he pulled over a car for speeding to find what appeared to be an alien in the front seat.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the motorcycle officer was greeted by the life-sized doll, seat-belt and all, after he had clocked the driver going at 84mph (135kph) in the US state of Georgia.

Umm, the things you see during everyday patrol. #ET #doesthisqualifyforHOV #IndependenceDay

Posted by Alpharetta Department of Public Safety on Sunday, June 25, 2017

“He did not mention as to why he had an out of this world passenger,” said George Gordon, a spokesman for police in Alpharetta where the bizarre incident took place.

Of course, extra-terrestrial sightings such as this invariably cause a stir – so the little guy with the big head has had some reaction online.

While many wondered what happened to the driver after he was pulled over.

Perhaps their passenger is a good luck charm for the driver after all, as police said he received just a verbal warning for his offence.

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