How this viral tweet sparked an adorable kindergarten reunion

Talk about the power of Twitter.

When Hanna De Castro posted a funny throwback picture on Twitter, she got a whole lot more than she bargained for: a preschool reunion.

First up, the original tweet. Seventeen-year-old Hanna posted a picture of herself as a kid when her mum had attempted a half-up half-down hairstyle, but she hadn’t got it quite right. For good measure, Hanna added what the hairstyle should look like, so you can compare.

Hanna said: “Going viral was very unexpected, since I just made an account and that was my first ever tweet.”

Your first tweet going viral? She must be a social media wizard.

The original tweet was hilarious enough to go viral, but what’s best is what happened next because her tweet came to the attention of someone from her past.

And what followed was a lot of excitement, capital letters, and even Hanna’s sister getting involved to share in the shock and disbelief.

Hanna said: “When David tweeted me back I was completely surprised since we went to preschool together, and he was my well known preschool crush.”

Now that really is the power of Twitter.

Of course, now all anyone wants to see is Hanna and David making it official. Wedding bells?!

Okay, let’s not jump the gun too much, but Twitter is bringing them together IRL.

“I am planning to meet up with David and a few other friends from preschool,” Hanna says. “I guess you can call it a real life preschool reunion.”

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