A fundraising page has been set up to send Diane Abbott a care package

Suggested treats include TLC albums and bars of chocolate.

Diane Abbott has had a tough week, having to bow out of campaigning due to illness. She’s come under repeated fire in the media recently, so two Londoners have decided to set up a Go Fund Me page to send Abbott a care package.

27-year-old comedian and Hackney North resident Sophie and 25-year-old film professional and Haggerston resident Tony paid tribute her three decades spent “battling combined racism & sexism with one hand, and building up Hackney with the other.”

Sophie and Tony wrote: “So she aint perfect. She slipped up more than once. She’s abrasive. But the level of vitriol, recycled hate and scrutiny she’s been subjected to in comparison to other (paler, maler) MPs who fudge their numbers, make spurious statements, actively offend and don’t know their Brexit from their breakfast is objectively insane.”

So they’ve set up the page to raise some money and send her a care package. Why? “Right now Di’s in serious need of self-care & we want to say thank you for being the mostest,” they write on the Go Fund Me page.

The care package contents are provisional at the moment, but they’re pretty hilarious. Goodies for Abbott range from an audio recording of Serena Williams reading Maya Angelou, some TLC albums, homemade fried plantain and candles from the White Company. Sounds like everyone’s dream care package really.

Of course these treats are amazing but won’t actually cost the Earth, so all extra money will be donated to charities that operate or are based in Hackney. The first charity to be chosen is Project Indigo for LGBTQ+ youth.

At the time of writing the page had raised £1,240 of the £5,000 target.

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