You can now search every dog name in New York City and people's political choices may surprise you

There are 46 canine Bernies in New York – who knew?

The Health Department of New York City has released the most popular dog names of 2016 and some of them are wonderfully political.

The authorities require every person who owns a dog in the city to register them. This helps them track the number of dogs and reunite lost pooches with their owners. It also makes for pretty cool discoveries when you trawl through the data.

To make this easier, the NYC Health Department has issued a searchable infographic to enlighten users about popular names of the 87,031 dogs on the register.

(NYC Health)
(NYC Health)

The most popular names were Bella (1,358) and Max (1,268) but interestingly some trends emerged you may not expect.

If dog names are anything to go by, Democrat politicians are more popular. There are 46 Bernies, six Hillarys, and three Baracks as opposed to two Trumps and four Donalds. Topically, there is also one dog called Comey.

It would also appear that some pooches are having an identity crisis. There are 300 dogs called Bear, 104 Tigers and even two called Cat.

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